Monday, May 25, 2009

Famous at the Footy!

Did I tell you that I went to the footy the other week?  I don't think I did, but Juice did.   Anyway this was me when mum asked if I wanted to go to the footy.  
I wasn't really that excited about going to the footy, but I was really really excited about having ALL DAY to play with Tiger!

So when we were at the footy, not watching the footy but playing in the park, a photographer came along and took our photo.  
So now we are famous on the sporting pulse website pretending to cheer for Murrumbeena as they played Ashwood.  I guess I should cheer for Beena!
Love AJ Pickle 

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  1. kingsonthelake2:16 PM

    You sure do have a look of excitement AJ. How come you went to this particular game and did Murrumbeena win? Hope you had fun with you xx


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