Friday, August 10, 2007

Waste Not Want Not

As I was drawing my series of pictures to tell the story about catching a robber, my pencil broke.
I didn't let that stop me from finishing my school work!

Although I did the entire story with only the small piece of lead from my pencil, it was a pretty awesome story. The good guys (that's me and dad) fell into a big hole that was getting filled up with water, luckily they drained the water into the sand and were able to catch the robber.

Love AJ Pickle


  1. Anonymous7:18 PM


    I was deleting all my unused email addresses, and found your emai.

    Tell mum that I am about going to travel again - but this time I am going to be a nomad of sorts (doing the trans mongolian to russia), then exp the tropics in thailand cambodia and vietnam....

    Give mum a kiss from me

    Nikki Nyman (i still have not got around to changing my surname...)

  2. Hi Nikki, I hope you check back to see this...
    Mum says killed her phone and she doesn't have your number any more.

    Anyway, happy and safe travels. Blog your adventures so we can follow them and find new exciting places to visit.

  3. Anonymous5:21 PM

    what a great effort to do all that work with a tiny piece of lead, your story sounds really exciting AJ.where there's a will there's a way and you sure showed it, well done. xxxx


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