Friday, August 03, 2007

On my way to pick AJ up from school today, I decided to visit Ella and Taylah. They have new scooters so I decided that I would take my scooter to their house so we could all scoot together.

I got about half way there and decided that scooting was hard work and my legs were too tired. Mum wouldn't take my scooter for me - she was having too much fun riding AJ's scooter. I couldn't just leave it in the middle of Sheep Park. Look at what I had to do!

Can you believe it, after all my hard work carrying my scooter to Ella and Taylah's house, we didn't even go scooting, we decided to play fairy mermaid dress-ups instead!

Love Princess George

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  1. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Milla that looks like heavy work carrying your scooter, i reckon it would have been easier to scoot with mum. did mum keep up with you? would love to have seen her on AJ's scooter. xxxx


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