Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Evil Bee

It was Michael's birthday party today and we all went to Pirate Park to celebrate. There were millions if kids there, all running around having a great time. There were races and games and even a piniata to wack.

All the grown ups were laughing at us trying to smash open the pinata with a stick. Mum thought that it was so funny that she would make a movie of it. Disaster struck and we never got our piniata movie made. An evil bee decided to sting mum on the hand (her camera hand) instead.

After finally removing the sting from mum's hand, mum got her camera ready. We had already smashed the piniata so there was no point in taking photos there. Instead she took a photo of the bee that made here hand swell up and look all gross.

Apparently mum is allergic to bees, it has just taken her 127 years to work it out. Hopefully it will be another 127 years before she gets stung again.

I know that I am not allergic to bees, I had my first bee sting when I was in America!
Love AJ Pickle

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  1. kingsonthelake3:06 PM

    That sure is an evil Bee, how dare it stings your mum's hand and make it so swollen, hope it gets better soon Del. You got one fat hand and no movie not a fair deal is it. xxxx


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