Friday, August 17, 2007

The Photo Book

My literacy group has just read 'The Photo Book'. It was a really interesting book all about family photos in a book. We all liked the book so much that we made our own photo books with pictures of our family in it.

I drew pictures of my family all wearing football colours. Naturally, Milli is a Bulldog and mum is a Kangaroo, they are both wearing dresses. I am a Bomber and dad is a Magpie, .

When all of our pictures were finished, we read the real book to the rest of the class and showed everyone our photo books.
Love AJ


  1. Anonymous10:01 PM

    wow AJ that would have to be the best photo book in the class,your drawings are fantastic

  2. A.J you are a very good mum wants to know why your dad hasn't got a dress on as well? You should tell him that Magpie rhymes with NANCY ha ha ha ha.....................

  3. kingsonthelake3:21 PM

    AJ these drawings are very good, you have drawn the footie jumpers so well, we reckon your book would be the best, love nan & poppy xxxx


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