Saturday, August 18, 2007


Well my first year of Auskick is over.

To celebrate having so much fun learning all about footy, the kids challenged the parents to a match.

It was a really hard match, not just because the parents could kick almost the entire length of the ground, or because the parents could just pick up the kid who had the ball instead of just the ball. The main reason that it was a hard match was because the kids were all so excited and trying really hard to get the ball, that they didn't care who they tackled - I was tackled by my own team player! It didn't really matter in the end, I think the kids won anyway.

After the match we had an award ceremony and I got a certificate, a bag of lollies AND a trophy. I am so excited, my first trophy.

I love Auskick, I can't wait until next season.
Love AJ Pickle


  1. Anonymous9:57 PM

    looks like you had a great time at Auakick AJ.well done getting your 1st. trophy, you must be so proud of it, can't wait to see it. xxxx

  2. At the moment, I love throwing my footy around the house and the backyard! Maybe you can teach me how to play properly xx

  3. kingsonthelake3:13 PM

    AJ you look so proud of yourself with your very 1st trophy, well done champ.We are very proud of you and your talents. love nan & poppy xxxx


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