Monday, July 02, 2012

What is Art?

I figure that art can be pretty much anything.  It is something that you create to tell a story.  Sometimes people know what the story is even if you haven’t told them.  Other times you need to tell people what the story is and even if they don’t understand the story, they might still like looking at the art you have created.  

In the art show, I had one of my works on display - The Boat of Life.  
It represents a journey in life, it shows that even though you never give up and have a light to shine the way, life is slowly ending.

The story Milla tells with her art is of making people happy, that is why she created a blue wool felt piece with her friend to represent the calm ocean.  

Milla also likes cute things that make people smile so she made a teddybear too!

You know, I think art can be fun for everyone.
Love AJ Pickle

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