Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sundays in my City #14 - the people of Kokoda

The cold of the Melbourne winter where everyone seems to be struggling with cold and flu has finally hit here.  Instead of spending the day outside, exploring and having fun, we spent the day inside, resting and napping on the couch.  Milla was unwell and I was in need of a day of rest too.  That means that we don't have any new photos for this week, but I have plenty of photos and great memories that I haven't had a chance to share.

The people of the Kokoda Track
The gorgeous kids we met in every village we visited.

The wonderful porters who helped us, every step of the way.

 The fantastic young people that I trekked with, who came alive when playing with the local kids.

Paying respect to someone who supported Australian diggers during WWII.

An amazing journey that I was lucky enough to share with some dynamic young people who I am sure will change the world.

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Unknown Mami


  1. Somehow I missed that you took a trek on the Kokoda Track. Fascinating, and those children would steal your heart, wouldn't they?

    1. Such beautiful children, so full of fun and happiness - they made my heart melt.

  2. Happiness, fun, love...
    Have a good week ahead!

  3. The baby in the first shot is precious. Your photos from your trip have been amazing.

  4. That looked like one fabulous trip!

  5. I want to cuddle that child in the first pic. So adorable. Wonderful photos! I'd certainly like to go on that trek! Happy Sunday! :-)

  6. What great pics that make great memories for you!

  7. Anonymous3:10 AM

    Fantastic trek with wonderful pictures, you captured the spirit of the place.

  8. I love these pictures. That child is beautiful.

  9. kingsonthelake9:37 PM

    As always, your photos are fantastic Del. xx


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