Monday, April 01, 2013

Pyjama Rules

It is late in the day and mum and dad are heading home but I'm not, I'm on holidays and spending the rest of the week at nan and pop's house.

Sometimes, depending on where I am, the holiday rules change and one of these rules is about pyjamas. You see, nan and pop are fans of pajamas and they like me to wear them to bed EVERY NIGHT! They like pyjamas so much that they gave me a new pair for Easter, in case I forgot to pack any! If I was the boss of everything, I would happily sleep in some version of the clothes I wore that day. It saves so much time and effort if I do, it means that I can pretty much just get up and go the next day and ultimately it means that less clothes are put into the wash because I am too busy to put them away. This whole 'wearing pyjamas' thing means that I have to get changed. Or do I...?

I figure if it is expected that I wear pyjamas to bed, why not just wear them all day long, then I will save time and be ready for bed so much quicker!

Happy holidays,
Love AJ Pickle

PS - I thought that wearing my PJs all morning could be a good April Fool's Day trick but I was so comfortable that I decided that it could possibly be an every day trick!

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