Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The V word

Have you seen Harry Potter? If you have, you will know that there is a character in the story that people are afraid of and so they don't use his name for fear it will make him stronger and come get them. Well I have decided that Voldemort isn't the only 'V' word that gets power by being spoken. Vomit, and thinking that you are going to vomit, also gets stronger if you talk about it. Take today at school as an example. My friend wasn't feeling so well so I walked with her to the bathroom. I waited outside but I could hear her. I could hear the 'V' word in action. I took her to the sick bay to rest and headed back to class.

Naturally everyone was concerned about my friend and wondered where she was. The conversation in the classroom was centered around the 'V' word. Next thing you know, I am running to the bathroom trying really hard not to follow in the exact footsteps of my friend. I wasn't successful and joined her in the sick bay.

I wasn't feeling too bad but seeing that I was the 5th person in my class today to suffer from the'V' word, mum was called and instead of heading back to class I spent the afternoon on the couch, watching a movie with a bucket by my side, just in case.

I am pretty sure that it was all the talk of vomit that gave it power and made me sick. I am not going to talk or think I about it any more and then it won't happen again!
Love Princess George



  2. The smell of the V word gets me started too . Hope you are feeling better.


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