Friday, February 22, 2013

Freaking Friday

Now normally when it gets to Friday everyone is all "Thank God it's Friday", today that thought is followed by "freaking Friday!"

In the hour that we have been awake this is what has happened so far

  1. We found the wool felt that was soaking overnight in green food dye on the floor with green dye splashed all over the place, with cute little kitten footprints through it.
  2. A plate 'jumped' off the bench and smashed into a bajillion pieces.
  3. A crazy kitten went for a kamikaze run across the table and knocked mum's cup of tea over (did I mention that we were out of milk and that the tea was made using a funky lactose free UHT milk!)
Surprisingly there have been no tears or screeching by anyone in the house (yet!) but I have a sneaking suspicion that mum might just go back to bed and imagine that today isn't happening once we go to school!

We hope that your Friday is off to a better start!
Love AJ and Milla

edited to add
PS - a few more extra choice words that were nastier than 'freaking' may have been heard when mum got a parking ticket because she was at work for too long!  She really should have gone back to bed.


  1. Oh I do love kittens ....did she get another cup of tea ?

    1. Another cup of tea was made and forgotten in the madness. It was "one of those days" topped off by a parking ticket at work when I shouldn't have been working. I hope your day was better. X


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