Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Exploring the Streets

Very, very soon, I am going to move from Cubs to Scouts and I am pretty excited about it.  Sure Cubs is great fun but Scouts is even more awesome, the activities they get to do are pretty amazing.  

Tonight, instead of going to my normal Cubs night, I joined the Scouts for an extra activity they were going to try - street orienteering.  Somehow I managed to get mum to come along and supervise our team (by supervise, I mean just make sure we didn't get completely lost or go over time) as we 'power walked' our way through the streets trying to find as many markers as we could.  We were out exploring the streets for an hour and covered 3 or 4km, finding heaps of different markers.

I am sure mum really really wanted to take pics of us in action but she was way too busy just trying to keep up with us as we tried not to run.  I never realised just how hard it is to try and walk when you are racing to find something!  Maybe next time we will sign up as a running team instead of a walking team.

Let me say it now - street orienteering is wicked, I can't wait to go again.  
Love AJ Pickle

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