Sunday, February 03, 2013

Introducing Rebel

So what did you do this beautiful sunny day? We went on an adventure, looking for love.

Our first stop was at the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne.  There were different cats and kittens there for us to meet this time and it didn't take long before we found love.  Before we knew it, we were waiting to take our kitten home.

The little kitten that we adopted was known to the people at the Lost Dogs Home as Ling but that was just her nickname as she was waiting for a family to love her and take her home where she would get her forever name.  As her new family, we had the job of finding her a name.

I have to say that choosing a name for a family member is hard work.  The name has to fit the kitten and fit the family.  There are so many names to choose from and Fat Amy and Leia were on the short list.  We liked those names but they didn't quite fit.  It was a tough call but eventually we found the perfect name for our little kitten - Rebel.

I think that Rebel is the perfect addition to our family and she loves to have her photo taken!

Welcome beautiful little Rebel, I hope you love to be in our family as much as I love having you in our family.
Love Princess George


  1. georgeous rebel Great new family member for you. Love Grandma xx

  2. kingsonthelake4:30 PM

    You certainly do have a beautiful new member to the family. Love the name Rebel. A big welcome to you Rebel.


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