Sunday, January 06, 2013

Sleep Out

It is no secret that we love camping, the only problem is that we are always so busy that we never make time to go camping. A few weeks ago we wanted to go camping in the backyard but it turns out that our tent is bigger, WAY bigger, than our backyard so that didn't work.

Well all of that has changed now and we are the proud new owners of a new tent that we can all fit in but still fits in our backyard. To celebrate, we went camping the very night we got the tent.

It was great camping in the backyard. The best thing was that we could quickly run inside to get anything we had forgotten.  And yes, you do need to have a cow with sunglasses when you go camping!

We tried to convince mum and dad to join us on our camping adventure but we had no luck.  Hopefully  our whole family we will get to go camping properly soon.
Love AJ and Milla


  1. Am so happy you had a great holiday thinking of you all. Love Grandma xxxx

  2. kingsonthelake12:04 PM

    Wow what a great way to spend a night out in your own back yard. Camping in your own yard must be great fun and you would never run out of things as the pantry is so close for you.
    So glad you had a fun time camping. x.


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