Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A New Year and a New Beach

What better way to start the New Year than by driving to a 'new' beach.  OK, it isn't really a new beach but it was a part of the beach that was new to us, we stopped here to avoid the crowds on the main part of the beach.  Anyway, spending the day at the beach is always fun, there is so much to do.

Of course you can splash around in the water, go for a swim, search for sea creatures or find pretty rocks.
Enjoying the beach
You can also dig holes in the sand. We had this great idea to dig holes and bury ourselves in the sand to avoid the sun.
Almost buried

If you are lucky you can find some seaweed pom poms and pretend you are a cheerleader!

Ready, OK!

What a great way to spend New Years Day,
Love princess George and AJ Pickle

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  1. Anonymous11:51 AM

    That is a fantastic way to start the year. Looks like a heap of fun. Happy New Year to all. xx


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