Saturday, January 12, 2013

Being helpful

Yes I know that AJ complains that there are too many girls and that they are always hanging around at Nan and Pop's place but it isn't my fault that I am really good at making friends and that I have great friends living so close to their house that we can visit each other all the time.

Anyway, AJ should remember that having girls around isn't always a bad thing, sometimes they can be extremely helpful (instead of completely annoying), just like when we went fishing except I didn't want to do any fishing.

Instead of getting in your way, I let you guys do the fishing and I did all the hard work - I took all the stinky carp to the dead fish pile for you!

You're welcome AJ!
Love Princess George

1 comment:

  1. kingsonthelake12:18 PM

    Milla you done such a fantastic job of taking all the Carp to the stock pile to keep them from getting back to the water. Yes it was a very smelly job but it did help fill in your day at the Boosey creek. So much fun had by all.


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