Sunday, January 06, 2013

Another Day, Another Beach

Like I said yesterday, being dragged along to hang out with girls can be a pain and being stuck hanging out with 3 little(ish) girls can be very painful.  Luckily we were in another pretty awesome place again today.

When we arrived at the beach we had the whole place to ourselves. 

I was able to go bodysurfing before the crowds turned up.

Once it was too busy in the water and I was thoroughly waterlogged, I decided it was time to join the girls on the beach. They were digging holes to see who could dig the deepest hole. I knew that I could did the biggest hole so I started digging.  Then, once my hole was the biggest, the girls helped bury me.


Hmmm, I really didn't think this through!

Luckily I could get my arms free then I had to start digging my way out.  Let me tell you, it is much easier to dig a hole than it is to dig your way out of a hole!

If you don't count the wicked sunburn that I now have, maybe hanging out with girls at the beach isn't so bad!
Love AJ Pickle

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  1. kingsonthelake12:10 PM

    Seems like you really did enjoy another day at the beach with the girls, they can be so much fun when you give in to yourself and enjoy their company. So happy for you having a fantastic day.


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