Thursday, June 07, 2012

Surprises for Everyone

Today was a school day, but there was no school.  All of the teachers are stopping work to try to make sure that they are given the opportunity to keep being great teachers.  That and a whole lot of other reasons that we really don't understand.   

Waiting for the tram.
Anyway, the best thing about not having to go to school was that we could have a surprise adventure in the city.  

The first surprise was meeting up with Aunty Sharn and Billy, they didn't know that we weren't at school and they weren't expecting to see us.  The next surprise was when Nan and Pop got off the train and were super excited to see ALL of us.  

We had the whole day to hang out together.  It was pretty cold, so instead of doing our usual stuff, exploring parks and gardens, we decided to go to the museum.  
Kids on the moon

It has been forever since we have been to the museum and it was even more awesome than I remembered.  There was so many cool places to explore that I didn't even get time to show Billy where the kids part of the museum was.  

I wanted to stay at the museum all day long but everyone was starting to get hungry so we headed back to the city to have a late lunch.  

Eventually the day was almost over and it was time for Nan and Pop to catch the train back home.  Even if it was a busy day, it was great to spend the day with so many awesome people.

Billy's big kisses :-)

Oh and a big smoochy kiss for your birthday Aunty Sharn!
Love AJ and Milla

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