Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday's in my City #5 - Cape Schank

So today is Mothers Day but instead of being at home all day with my children, I was here, with the man who helped me become a mother.  We had a great day yesterday celebrating the wedding of our friends and spent the morning relaxing and exploring Cape Schanck before heading home to the family.

The lighthouse in Cape Schanck, before the dark clouds rolled in and the winds picked up.
Walking to Pebble Beach.
On the boardwalk
Being chased by the ocean spray.
A little too close to the waves?

The storm clouds are rolling in, the wind is picking up but it is still beautiful.
Dark clouds and rising seas, beauty in the turmoil

Thank you for sharing this parenting journey with me, I love you 

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Unknown Mami


  1. I've read novels whose setting was a house on a cliff overlooking just such a rocky shore.

    Of course when you commented over on my blog today about football, you do know when I say football I'm referring to American football and not soccer which the rest of the world seems to call football, right?

    1. Hi Keetha, I live in another part of the world where we have our own version of football - Australian Rules Football. Personally I would rather watch Americal Football, I may not know what is happening but I am easily distracted by the cheerleaders!

  2. He looks like the picture on the front of a romance novel.

    1. Too funny!
      Now to get to work writing a soppy romance novel instead of working...

  3. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Love the "too close to the waves" shot - that would be me, and I would slip and get quite wet!

  4. Great photos Love Mum

  5. Wow what a place to have a walk!
    Good waves are like meditation (to watch) :)

  6. what a nice sunday you had :)

  7. What a beautiful place to be. Gorgeous photos.


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