Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Treat

Well normally for Mother's Day, AJ and I would want to make breakfast in bed for mum but since mum is pretty fussy about what she has for breakfast and doesn't really like us cooking bacon and eggs on our own, we usually end up going out somewhere nice for brunch.  We really wanted to do that today but we couldn't because mum and dad weren't here, they had a wedding to go to yesterday that was really far away so they had a sleepover instead of driving all the way home.

We were lucky, we had a chance to spend the weekend hanging out with Grandma until mum and dad got home this afternoon.  Then it was time to get busy in the kitchen and make a special treat for mum, and for all of us too.

I made a chocolate torte from a box, I didn't have enough chocolate to make it from scratch.  To be honest, it was delicious and it tasted like it was made from scratch anyway.

Happy Mother's Day mum, I love you
Love Princess George xo

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  1. That looks like a delish cake yum we sure had fun on the weekend. Love Grandma


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