Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Mummy's at Cubs

It is almost Mother's Day so we are had a special Mother's Night at cubs.  All the mums were invited to come along if they could, to share in the fun.  Mum had training so she wasn't there at the start of the night so she missed out on being a real mummy.  I don't think that she was too upset, AJ volunteered to be a mummy instead!
AJ is a mummy

Luckily mum made it to cubs for the most of the fun and games.  Most importantly, she was there for the most important part, I was asked to be the Seconder for my Six and had to lower the flag at the end of the night.  
Important Cub duty
I was glad mum was able to share such an important time in my Cub career.
Love Princess George

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