Sunday, October 04, 2009

Old People are Funny

Did you know that when people get old they start to do crazy things. You see, it was our neighbour's birthday yesterday so to celebrate they (the grown ups and not the kids) all went out to a huge party in the city. They all dressed up as someone else and went out together.

Dad was dressed up as some guy who plays old people music. (Angus Young from ACDC)

Mum was dressed up as Paula (as Candi, All American Goddess)

Paula was dressed up as Cher

and the birthday boy started off as the Construction Guy from some olden days band but instead of staying in that costume he got changed twice,
first as a girl from ABBA (in a strange costume mum made)

and then as a flight attendant.

I have seen heaps of photos from the party and I really wish that I could have gone along, it looks like it was heaps of fun and I love wearing dress ups too!
Love Princess George

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  1. kingsonthelake6:15 PM

    Everyone looks really great and it seems all had a wonderful time. A few hangovers no doubt. xx


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