Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time to Retreat

Finally mum was home from work and the car was packed. Now logically that means that it is time to get going and start our holiday. Mum was doing all sorts of mum things that were taking far too long so I decided to take control of the situation. I grabbed the keys from dad and jumped into the car.

Luckily mum came out just in time - I don't think that I really know how to drive!

I am glad that the drive didn't take too long, I was getting hungry and wanted to stop for lunch just as we arrived in Nagambie. When we pulled up by the lake, I almost forgot I was hungry - there were too many things to do around the lake. I am glad that mum and dad got some chicken and bread rolls for us to eat over by the lake, that way I could explore and eat at the same time!

Eventually mum and dad finished their lunch and we went exploring around the lake. It was great fun running around, skimming rocks across the water, jumping off high ledges and balancing on the lake's edge. (Nanny, don't look at the photo unless you are feeling brave!)

When we had finished exploring the little bit of the lakes edge in town we all went out to where we were having our holiday, The Retreat further out of town. I was looking forward to going to there, I had my golf clubs and tennis racket in the boot and I knew that I could play golf and tennis at the Retreat.

It was awesome, we all played golf - or at least tried to play golf. We played tennis and had fun in the playground. We played on the old fashioned play equipment and it was kind of scary, the see saw was really high and there wasn't really anything to hold on to. It was pretty much just a gigantic piece of wood that was resting on a triangle shaped metal frame.

When we were worn out from the play equipment we went exploring along the lake. We met a crazy goat and fed a beautiful horse. I was hoping that it would be warm enough that we would be able to go swimming or on the canoes. It was nice and sunny but when we checked the water it was freezing cold.

Look at all the fun things we did at the Retreat.

Instead of swimming, we decided to go for a drive along the river. The weir was closed so we couldn't explore there so we ended up driving to Murchison.

We had a great time in Murchison exploring hidden paths along the river.
I had a great time in Murchison, hopefully we will get to go back here one day to explore some more. All too soon it began getting dark, and I was getting hungry again so we headed back to our retreat.

As mum was cooking our dinner, a magpie came inside and joined us, eating some food off the kitchen floor. It was kind of freaky, but really cool having a magpie inside.
When the magpie finished eating, he went outside and we had our dinner.

We were all pretty exhausted after a busy day running around so we went to bed early. Dad 'borrowed' an antenna cable from the unit next to ours and we were allowed to watch telly in bed for a little bit.

I had just settled in to bed when dad got out of the shower muttering about something. I was too busy watching tv to notice much, but next thing I know mum and dad are packing our things and telling us to get out of bed and get in to the car. I had no idea what was happening but mum and dad seemed kind of stressed out so I went along with their crazy ideas and jumped into the car. Next thing I know, we are back in town and looking for somewhere else to stay. Eventually we had a new home for the night and I got to go to bed. I knew we had to get up pretty early to get ready for dad's parachute jump.

Unfortunately during the night a ginormous storm hit Victoria and dad's jump was cancelled. Instead of spending the morning with nan and pop watching crazy people we had to find something else to do.

It looks like we will have to go back to Nagambie another day to watch dad parachute - hooray, another holiday!
Love AJ Pickle

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  1. kingsonthelake3:09 PM

    Oh boy what an experiement. Seems like it was an action packed weekend with millions of things to do.What a pity about the filthy room at the retreat. The good part was the next room was very clean.Hopefully next time dad will get to do the parachute jump. xx


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