Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Super Stars

Finally, after weeks and weeks of rehearsals it was time for the big show - the KPS whole school production. I was so excited, I got to play a puppy dog and a narrator in our version of the Gingerbread Man.

Now I have to say that the the whole performance was pretty cool but our class was the best. How could we not be the best, look at how adorable we look in our puppy costumes!
AJ's class did a really good performance too. In fact everyone everywhere must have known just how awesome our whole school performance was going to be. We had a special visitor from Tokyo come to watch the show!

We all went out for a celebratory hot chocolate and a snack after the show so we could spend more time with Yoshi.
I would love to sit and write more about how much fun I had with Yoshi, but I have to go and get ready for the second performance. Once the performance is over I will be able to plan my holiday to visit Yoshi in Tokyo next year - I can't wait.
Hi Yoshi!
Love Princess George

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  1. kingsonthelake2:47 PM

    Milla both yourself and AJ were top performers in your school production.We were pleased to meet Yoshi between your shows.Will be great when you get to Japan to see him and his family again.xx


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