Friday, August 07, 2009

Building a Bear

I have been saving up all of my pocket money to do something special. I really wanted to make myself a Build-a-Bear but they are crazy expensive. Ellen promised that if I saved $30 she would pay the other $30 so that I could build my own Bear.

As soon as I realised that I had enough money to make a bear I called Ellen to let her know and we made a date to go building. Even though AJ had spent his pocket money on Pokemon cards he was happy to come along with me to build my bear. He even helped me think of possible names for my new best friend. Mum suggested that we have a few names to choose from and decide when we met my bear. The final choices were Sophie or Alexandra, I just couldn't decide.

Finally it was time to go and find my bear. First I had to decide which bear was right for me.
Before she could be stuffed I had to give her a heart. Before I put her heart into her body I made a wish. Then when her heart was in, it was time to stuff her. I was allowed to push the pedal that put the stuffing into my bear. When she was stuffed to the perfect cuddle squishiness she was sewn up.
Now I know my bear is beautiful, but she was also naked it was time to go and find her some clothes. Where to start? Of course I had to find my favourite accessories for her and then find some clothes to match. There were so many to choose from but finally I found the perfect outfit.
With my bear and all of her new clothes it was time to register her 'birth' on the build-a-bear network and then check her birth certificate.
My bear is all dressed and ready to play.
Meet Sophie, my new best friend.
I love my bear,
Love Princess George


  1. kingsonthelake10:31 PM

    Milla we are so pleased to meet Sophie, she is a beautiful bear. You done a great job of building her with the help from AJ.There sure is a lot of work involved in bear building and very interesting.Well done she is beautiful.xoxo

  2. Sophie is fabulous! My daughter Keira just made a build-a-bear puppy with purple bows. Her name is Cupcake.

  3. What fun and Sophie is very cute!

  4. you're so lucky Milla. I have heard that Build a Bear is a great place but unfort I haven't been as yet.. is it close? I thought that maybe you guys had moved to the other side of the that where it is? It's been so so very long since we saw each other. do you think that you might like to come for a sleep over in the school holidays?? i would love to see you. love amelia


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