Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Quiet Weekend

It has been a quiet weekend for us. It has been the first weekend in about a million years that we didn't have a kid party to go to or any place to be in a hurry. We decided to go in to Waterfront City for a look around and to buy birthday presents for the parties that are coming up.

Of course you can't have a trip to Waterfront City without a ride on the Carousel.
I pretended that I wasn't interested in having a ride but really I was secretly happy, I just tried really hard not to smile!

I love visiting Waterfront City, especially when we stop for ice cream.
Love AJ Pickle


  1. your pics are really nice... it seems you really had a great time with kids at Waterfront City..


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  2. kingsonthelake10:20 PM

    AJ you do look like you are trying not to smile but I reckon it was hard to hold the smile back by the look on your face. xoxo


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