Friday, June 19, 2009

An Update Courtesy of a Google Search

Do you remember, way back in May last year that we were fighting to save our park?  If you don't remember, you can read all about our politically active ambitions and the signs we had in our house and in all the houses in the area to help to raise the profile of not building a road tunnel in Kensington.  

Anyway, after all of our hard work the government finally decided that it wouldn't be a very good investment to build new and expensive roads and tunnels that we didn't really need.  The people of Kensington all celebrated and we all lived happily ever after.  

So now we move on to the next part of our story, the Google part...

Well last night dad decided to Google our names and he found Milla's name listed as a part of the 'Submissions in Response to the East West Report'.  Right there, in amongst all of the letters submitted was the picture that Milla drew when she was 4 to say she didn't want a tunnel built instead of a great park.  He looked a little harder and he found my submission too.  This was the very first email that I sent all by myself.  You can tell that I was just a little kid then, I didn't know how to spell!  It really didn't matter about the spelling, you could still tell that JJ Holland Park is cooler than any other park.

What do you find when you Google your name?
Love AJ and Milla  

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  1. kingsonthelake2:03 PM

    How cool is that to find both your drawing and submission on Google,so interesting for you all to see. xx


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