Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Secret is Out!

Well a long time ago I was told a very important secret, one that I promised that I wouldn't tell everyone until Davey Doovie moved to Melbourne.  I know that by now nearly everyone knows or has guessed but I am going to announce it anyway - I am going to be a cousin again!

Aunty Sharn and Davey Doovie are having a baby.  

Baby Billy is going to be born around my birthday (in October in case you have forgotten).  I wonder if Billy is born on my birthday, will Sharn give me Billy as a birthday present?

I can't wait to be a cousin again.
Love Princess George


  1. Thanks for the gender reference at the end! I was a bit confused. Good to see Sharn, and I'm excited to see Baby Billy too. I hope you'll take a video then too?

  2. kingsonthelake9:27 PM

    The secret lasted much longer than expected. We are all excited and over the moon for Sharn & Dave. Would be a great birthday present Milla but it won't be up for give away.Maybe one day you can baby sit little Billy.xx


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