Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tag, and Tag Again

I forgot to tell everyone yesterday that I had spread my germs far and wide and mum got Chicken Pox AGAIN too.  Well now I can add to that story and make it even better - Milli has got pox too.

Can you believe it, they have both got pox and get to stay home but I have to go to school?  Don't they know that I am the Chicken Pox expert and I should be at home with them?  I could help keep them distracted so they don't notice the itch.  I could change dvd's for them, I could get them drinks if they are thirsty.  I could even rub cream onto their pox to help them go away.  Do you think I get to stay home and help?  NO - I still have to go to school.  

It wasn't fair having Chicken Pox in the holidays!
Love AJ Pickle

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  1. kingsonthelake5:38 PM

    AJ I'm sure you would have been a great help for the pox people but do think going to school would be more fun. It was a shame that you had to get them during the holidays.love nan & pop xx


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