Monday, April 13, 2009

Damsel in Distress

Just because AJ has the pox, doesn't mean he is too tired, annoyed or itchy to be a real big brother.  Today he tied me to the umbrella post so that he could play Wii with Poppy without me tap dancing around and annoying them!

Just charming!

At least AJ still knows how to have fun!
Love Princess George, Damsel in Distress


  1. kingsonthelake7:36 PM

    Milla this must have been hell for you not being able to dance or run around. Would have been twice as drastic had you been gagged and no talking at all. love nanny & poppy xx

  2. Milla, I would have saved you if I was there.. After i finished laughing that is.. he he - Amelia x


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