Sunday, August 10, 2008

Making Toys

AJ and I are making our own toys.  It isn't because we don't have enough toys (because mum says we already have 'far too many'), it is because we want to learn a new craft and sewing looks like fun.
I am making a crazy dog.  It came in a box with everything I would need, even a kid sewing needle.  I tried to sew the button eyes on the dog and then needle got stuck.  When mum tried to get it out she snapped the needle.  Now I have to finish the dog with a really sharp pointy grown up needle.

I hope I don't prick my fingers too many times.
Love Princess George

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  1. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Milla I reckon you are going to be crafty just like your mum. Keep up the good work, love Nan & Popxx


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