Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Busy Morning

Well it is only 9 o'clock this beautiful Sunday morning and already Milli and I have been very busy.  We got up and had breakfast and then finished our pictures for nan and pop.  When they were done it was just after 8 o'clock so we decided to go and show mum and dad. 

Even though our pictures were fantastic mum and dad weren't really interested in us telling them all about how we finished them.  They really weren't interested in us jumping on the bed or making loud noises either and mum told us to go away!  We did - we went out and began packing.  
First we packed the games we might need.  We started off with just our favourite games - Mousetrap and Candyland, but then we remembered how good the other games were, so we packed them too.  Before we knew it, we had 7 bags of games to take with us.  We could barely carry all the bags of games so we had no room to take clothes.  We would have to pack a snack bag though.
We are busy packing and mum is busy looking for her camera (or iphone)!

We weren't too sure where we were going.  First I suggested Western Australia, but Milla wanted to go to South Australia.  Then we decided on going north to where the trains are as long as 5 MCG's (I know they are long because I am studying transport at school) and maybe we could go to Bindi's Zoo.  We were going to catch a taxi ad use the money we found on the floor to pay for it.  

Mum and dad wanted to know how long we would be gone for and we told them 10 days.  Then they started asking about what would happen if we missed drama class or dancing or even Auskick.  Then I remembered it was Isabella's party next weekend and I couldn't possibly miss another birthday party.  Sorry I forgot to go to your party yesterday Michael :(

So after all our hard work packing our games, we decided that we should probably wait until the holidays before we run away.  We did have some snacks ready to eat for morning tea.
Love AJ Pickle

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  1. Anonymous11:18 AM

    AJ & Milla what a great job of packing to leave home. So glad you decided not to go this time. You don't need to go so far as you can always come to us as we love when you stay. love you both from nan & pop xx


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