Friday, February 29, 2008

Starry Nights

Well I finally got to meet Amelia's little brother today.  
This is Chase, he is way too cute.  

I asked mum really really nicely if I could get a little brother or sister too and she just laughed at me!  (It wasn't a friendly laugh either.)  She just kept holding Chase and hugging all of the cuddles.  

Eventually I was bored of waiting for cuddles, so I had lunch with Amelia instead.  We invented our own sandwiches that we called Starry Nights.  They were delicious - Star Sprinkles on Vegemite.
Yum - do you want to try some?

It was great visiting the Amelia, she is so lucky to have a baby brother,
Love Princess George


  1. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Milla maybe Amelia will share Chase with you as I am sure you won't get a brother of your own. You two girls sure did create a lovely sandwich for lunch, sounds delicious. love Peter pop & nan xx

  2. Maybe Clement would like Vegemite more if he had stars on his sandwiches...


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