Sunday, February 24, 2008

Boy's Adventures

Well Mum and Milla have gone away for the weekend, so we had a boys weekend.  

We had so many adventures that I hope that I don't forget any...
  • First we went riding.  We rode all the way to Highpoint (well almost all the way, we had to walk up the giant hill at Pipemakers Park).  I rode home with only one rest stop.
  • We played 10 pin bowling.  Dad still isn't very good at bowling, but my brother Clement is!  
  • We went to the swimming pool for Darcy's birthday party.  
  • I convinced dad that it would be fun to go the the Essendon Football Club Family Day and saw all of the footy players.
  • We explored the Moonee Valley Festival.
  • Just when I thought that there were no more adventures, we went riding again, this time we went to the Footscray Arts Centre to listen to a band.
I think that I will sleep well tonight,
Love AJ Pickle

PS - mum is a camera hog and she took her camera with her for the weekend.  I will have to see if Clement has any photos for me to use instead.


  1. Sounds like the boys have been busy. Have you ALL been talking heaps? I mean all of you? I am impressed that AJ can ride so far - wow!

  2. We went to the Festival too and saw the Bombers! Our Dad would have preferred the Tiges but he was happy because the new coach is really a Tiger!!! Love Henry and Owen aka Tiger Cubs xxx

  3. Anonymous10:52 AM

    AJ this must have been your busiest weekend ever, sure was a fun packed time for you.Oh boy what a big bike ride. Did you beat dad at 10 pin?Hope the pool party was fun, I bet it was.Must have been exciting to see the bombers at the park. Another good bike ride to hear the band at the art centre at Footscray, you must have been really tired after a huge weekend. Hope you have caught up on sleep by now. love nan & poppy Pete xx


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