Saturday, February 09, 2008

Chasing Time
I had more birthday celebrations again today.  

Nan and pop came to visit and we all went in to the city to explore the gardens.  We caught the tram to the Shrine and then we walked back in to the city, showing nan and pop all the interesting things along the way.  There were amazing trees to climb, statues to explore, treasures to find, fence railings to balance on and bands to listen to.  
My favourite part of the day was chasing time around the flower clock.  

Do you think if I chase the time backwards, I can go back and have another birthday?
Love AJ Pickle


  1. You guys have so many great adventures with your Grandparents too. The Shrine and park looks like fun xx

  2. Anonymous10:14 PM

    This was a really great day with you all, we enjoyed the Shrine and our nature trip through the garden, especially finding so many numb nuts.Even the rain added excitement to our outing. Love Poppy Pete & Nan xx


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