Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tales of a Watertight World

Well everyone knows that living in a drought is hard work. Our circus cabaret was all about living in a place with no water.

In the cabaret, there was an explorer in the jungle who got very, very lost and ended up in the desert. He was so dehydrated that he imagined that waiters were wandering around with glasses of water for him. Milla was a waiter and she balanced a cup of water on her head so that the explorer couldn't get it.

AJ was a part of the tribe that found the explorer. The explorer taught the tribe how to use water to clean themselves. We think the tribe was more intelligent than the explorer - who needs to be clean, you will only get dirty again. Water is much better for drinking or swimming in.

Anyway, the performance was heaps of fun and everyone cheered really, really loudly so it must have been good. We were such good performers that we were all given tickets to the second part of the Watertight World story at the circus next weekend.

Hooray, we love the circus!
Love AJ and Milli

PS - if Poppy emails us some photos from the show, we will post them here.

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  1. kingsonthelake9:57 PM

    poppy pete has only got the photos he gave you last week, they are after the show pics. love nan & poppy Pete xx


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