Friday, December 21, 2007

Giving Thanks

Sarah and Odd have finally come back to Melbourne to visit, so we are going to have a huge Thanksgiving Feast.  We know that it isn't really Thanksgiving Day, but we aren't really American so that is OK.  

As Sarah, Ellen and mum start getting the feast ready for tomorrow night, we took Odd upstairs to get ready for our show.   We did a really amazing show where Odd was the duck that fell into the paint, AJ was the 'man who knows how to get to the castle' dancer (and the director) and I was a fairy.  
Sarah even helped out in the fourth act, as a ladybug.  

Mum and Ellen clapped and cheered.  We would have done more acts in the show, but more of the feast needed cooking.  Instead we watched a Christmas movie before bed.

I am sure I will have great dreams tonight, smelling all the yummy food being cooked.  I can't wait to taste the feast tomorrow night.
Love Princess George

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  1. kingsonthelake7:16 PM

    AJ & Milla that must have been a really good show you put on, you were lucky to have Sarah & Odd to act with you, wish we could have been there to watch. love nan & poppy Pete xx


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