Friday, December 07, 2007

A Crazy Day
Today certainly was a crazy day.

First we took AJ to school, then we had to go to circus for a photo shoot to promote the show. We went straight from circus to dancing for our final class before the concert tomorrow. From dancing we went to school to collect AJ's bag. We couldn't collect AJ because he was at the swimming pool having a swimming lesson, so it was off to the swimming pool next.

After we got AJ, it was home for lunch and then off to Tia and Tio's for the Christmas Party. The crazy elf and Santa both visited the party and we had heaps of fun.

When we left the party, went home to get the rest of our dancing gear and headed off to rehearsals.

Finally when our part of the rehearsal was over, Lucy picked us up and took us home. Mum is still at rehearsal, making sure that everyone else is safe. If I wasn't so tired I would write more about our crazy day, but for now - Good Night!

Love Princess George
PS - perhaps when mum gets home she will post photos of the crazy day for me!

Milla and her balloon butterfly

AJ trying to win the tug-of-war

Thanks for our presents Santa's Helper

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  1. kingsonthelake10:18 PM

    that sure was a very busy day with school , circus, seeing santa's helper swimming, party and dance rehearsals, bet you slept well when this busy day was over. how does mum keep herself going with so many activities ? she is a great mum. love nan & poppy Pete


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