Sunday, April 01, 2007

Through the Big Tunnel

Mum and dad had to get up really early this morning, so we had a holiday at Aunty Sharn's house. The idea was so we could sleep in, but really it was so we could make sure Sharn got up really early too.

When we were all dressed and ready, we caught the tram into the city to see what mum and dad were doing. The city was packed, mainly with people wearing numbers on their clothes and running. Even mum and dad were running. They ran really, really far, through the gardens, then through the big tunnel (the under ground one), over a huge bridge and then back through the city.

I was really proud of mum and dad, they ran all that way to give money to the sick kids in hospital. I thought that they could just give the kids the money, but they decided that exercise would be good for them.

I wonder if I can Run for the Kids next year?
Love AJ Pickle

If you want to read more about the Run, check out our other blog - Far Away Land.


  1. AJ & Milla you were so lucky to have a sleep over with aunty Sharn and to have her take you on the tram to see mum and dad running to help all the sick kids, what a special day for you all. xx

  2. Anonymous4:32 PM

    my mum says that even though running was a very nice thing to do, you parents are clearly one stubby short of a six pack......
    ps. my mum also wants to know who won and what the wager was??????
    hope you are all enjoying your holidays and tht you get LOTS of goodies from the easter bunny.

    xxoo georgia


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