Thursday, April 12, 2007

Water Everywhere

After a long morning of sitting, almost quietly, in the waiting room at the hospital as poppy had photos taken of his head, AJ and I wanted to go exploring outside. We took poppy to his next doctors appointment and we went to visit the Fitzroy Gardens instead.

After running around and climbing through all the fountains and streams that had no water in them, we decided to have a quiet stroll through the conservatory.

We picked the best time ever to explore the conservatory - they had just watered all the plants that were hanging from the roof.
Mum and Ellen didn't want to get wet, but AJ and I had a shower under the pot plants!

Poppy still had more appointments and we were too worried to keep still, so we kept exploring.

Finally, after he finished all of his appointments, poppy came home to tell us that his ears were going to get better soon and he would be able to hear everything we say. He told us that his ears weren't really broken there was just too much watery stuff that stopped him from hearing things.

I wonder if poppy had too many showers under pot plants?
Love AJ and Milla


  1. I am glad you had fun but I hope your Poppy feels better soon xxoxx

  2. Odd and I went to that same greenhouse! I got rained on but Odd took many pictures.

    Glad you got a bunny!

    hope poppy is OK..

  3. What a fun place (and pretty too) -Glad Poppy has had good news.

  4. Hope all is well with Poppy's ears and they get better soon so he can hear all your beautiful singing!

    And all the priceless things kids always say... We wouldn't want him to miss out on those now would we.


  5. you both seem to be enjoying your day while waiting for poppy to finish seeing doctors, he got a good result and has to take a lot of tablets to fix his problem.


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