Thursday, April 26, 2007

John's Garden

Today was a very busy day at school; we went on another excursion. We are learning all about things that live and grow in gardens, so we went to explore some gardens.

First we walked to Eli's house to explore his garden. When we were there, we followed a map to all of the different trees that were in the garden. When we had finished exploring at Eli's, it was time to walk to John's house and explore his garden.

John has a really special garden because all of the plants in it are natives and are supposed to grow in this area. Even without much water, they still grow. We helped John's garden by planting seeds and cuttings.

The cuttings came from plants that were already in the garden. Meg, that's John's mum, cut little pieces of the plant off, then we dipped the end of the stalk into some honey. Then it was time to plant the cutting in the ground. We had to put honey on the cutting to give it some food to help the roots to grow.

I really like gardening, but I don't have anywhere to grow plants. I might have to get some giant pots to make my own garden and see what I can grow.
Love AJ Pickle

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  1. great to see that you like gardening, will be really good if mum can get some big pots for you to grow your own plants in AJ. xx


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