Saturday, September 30, 2006

Who Won the Footy?

Daddy said that Grand Final Day is the happiest day of the year. I don’t know why it is such a good day. Sure there is footy on the telly, but that happens most weekends. Maybe it is the barbeque that is cooking all day long? Perhaps it is having lots of friends come over to play (or watch the footy). I think the real reason daddy loves grand final day is going to circle park at half time to kick the footy!

Grand final day is fun,
Love AJ Pickle

PS - who did win the footy?

It was such a big day, we are pooped!
Do you think it is time for bed?


  1. grand final day is a great party day and does make you sleepy, hope you didn't fall off the couch AJ

  2. Poor Dad! He sure looks tired.

  3. Oh what fun we had on grand final day... so glad this was the pic published and not the one of me asleep on the couch before this one. Phew!



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