Friday, September 08, 2006

I'm A Big Kid Now!

Guess what I finally enrolled at primary school. Next year I will be going to Kensington Primary School with my friends Michael, Finn, Sweeney, Darcy and Isabella.

I think that I will have lots of fun going to a big kid school, it will be so cool! I can't wait.

Love AJ Pickle


  1. Congratulations AJ!! Do you have to wear a uniform. I can't wait to see you dress up for your first day!!

    Love Anna

  2. Yey school... I can't wait for the whole thing either and I know that your Mum will be crying with joy at getting you off to school - finally.

  3. That is great news AJ, you soon will be a real school boy, hope we can be there to see you off on your 1st. day. Good luck when you get there big boy.

  4. Jeez! Is it that time already? It won't be long b4 you are off to high school you are growing up soooo (TOO) quick.


  5. Well done AJ - school is heaps of fun - and fancy all those friends going to the same school!


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