Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Older Man

Did you know that I am going to marry an older man? It was my boyfriend's birthday yesterday and Macs turned 3, that means he is an entire month older than me!

To celebrate we all went into the Children's Gardens for a picnic. We had so much fun eating yummy food, playing games and exploring in the Children's Gardens.
Love Princess George


  1. looks like Macsen had a fun party at the children's gardens, you both seem to be having heaps of fun.this is the first we have heard of your boyfriend Milla he looks cute.

  2. Well well well, Young Milla! A boyfriend already! Good for you! Just make sure you wear the pants! ;-)


  3. Pants? I don't wear pants April...I wear skirts cos I am a girl.

    Sometimes I wear pants under my dress, but only when mum says my dress it too short and everyone can see my jocks!

    Love George.


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