Friday, September 22, 2006

Special Gingerbread Girls

Even though it is school holidays, we went to school today. It was a different school in Footscray and we saw a concert with some friends. My friend Ethan was there with he sister Tahlia. Jake and Larna, some of Milla's friends from music were there too.

It was lots of fun singing and dancing, but my favourite part of the day was when mum took me to a special park. I wasn't really sure why the park was special though.
Maybe it was special because it had a really yummy cafe where I had a Gingerbread Girl to eat.

Or maybe it was a special park because it had an amphitheatre - that was where there was a really big hole in the ground with steps around it and a bridge going over the end of it.

Maybe it was a special park because it was where mummy and dad got married ages ago?

Oh well, even if I don't really know why it was special, it was still a fun place to play.
Love AJ Pickle


  1. We think this is a special park because of mum & dad being married there.Glad you had heaps of fun in this great park.

  2. you had so much fun you deserve another holidays sure are fun especially when you get to go to concerts and cafes and get to buy gingerbread girls, you are so lucky.

  3. I remember that park!! It IS fun there, did you go on a boat??

  4. What a cool park! You sound like you had a great day and got some yummo stuff to eat.

    Cool! xxx


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