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Growing up in the country was great but there was limited exposure to the amazing opportunities that my kids have.  During my childhood, symphonies and operas were something that was on TV every now and then, even then we would skip over those channels and run back outside to play.   Thanks to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra,  conversations about going to the symphony, enjoying a ballet and now listening to opera is something normal for my kids

Last year we were lucky enough to be invited to see the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) perform with dancers from the Australian Ballet.  It was an awesome program so when Alison from MSO contacted us to see if we would like to head along to another performance we jumped at the chance.

The MSO website promotes SING as being a program that features one of Australia's pre-eminent conductors and a passionate advocate of the importance of singing in a child's life, Richard Gill, and singers from Victorian Opera, joining forces with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to lead a stimulating musical program for children which will explore the joy of singing and inspire aural imagination through song.

So that is the official spiel, what it really was was a fun filled musical program that had us singing, clapping and dancing in our seats.

On the edge of their seats, enjoying the performance
Normally, I am sure that if I asked AJ to sing a nursery rhyme he would laugh and walk away.  At SING he was singing along, yelling out answers to questions being asked about the orchestra and having a great time.  Milla and her friend were acting out all of the instruments and having a great time. They particularly enjoyed singing, so much so that Milla has decided that she will re-join the school choir next year, and maybe even audition for an extra-curricular choir!

Even someone like me, completely tone deaf with no musical ability at all was singing along.  In fact I have been singing one of the tunes all day long and actually enjoying it.  At one stage today, as I was wandering through the park with Milla, we both began singing ding dong, ding-y ding-y dong in rounds.

Ding dong, ding-y ding-y dong, ding-y ding-y dong, the cat is gone 
Ding dong, ding-y ding-y dong, ding-y ding-y dong, ding dong!

Thanks for another wonderful opportunity Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Meeting the talented  Jeremy and Kirilie after the performance

Disclosure:  The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra offered us tickets to the show, the opinions expressed are ours.

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