Friday, December 07, 2012

Santa for a Day

If you see any (wanna be) Santas wandering around the city today, you should stop and say hi to them. One of them might even be my dad.
Santa for a Dad
See dad wore a Santa suit to work today for Santa for a Day, to raise money for Transplant Australia.

We all think it is really important to talk about about organ transplant with your family and friends. We know it is a pretty scary topic and that no one really wants to talk about what might happen after you die but we think that if we aren't able to use something any more then someone who needs it more should be given that opportunity.  It is kind of like cleaning out your toy box and finding all of the toys that you don't need any more and donating them to someone who needs them.  It is better that they are used than sitting in a box, until they are no good to anyone.

So there you go, organ donation is just like cleaning out your toys, make sure that they go to a good home when you can't use them any more, someone will love them just as much as you!
Love AJ and Milla

PS - oops we forgot to press publish on this post so we have slipped it in where it should be!

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  1. wow great job great photo well done love grandmaxxxx


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