Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cute and Cuddly on a Girl's Day Out

We had huge plans that we would spend Boxing Day relaxing by the lake but it wasn't very warm.  All the grown up boys went to play golf so the grown up girls decided to go for a driving adventure.  They asked if I wanted to join them but I decided that it would be more fun hanging out around the house so I said no thanks. 

Now that they are back home (and bragging!) I really wish that I had joined them, they found koalas.

Apparently there is a koala up in this tree ->, it is up really high in the tree, close to the top of the photo.  

They must have found koalas that were closer to the ground to see one up close like this.

They even found a koala with a cute little baby that was hanging on tight.

 I can't believe that Judy has only been in Australia for a few days and already she has seen koalas in the wild.  Maybe next time that I am invited for a drive I will join them.  Even better, maybe nan and pop will take me on an adventure to koala-land next year!
Love Princess George

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