Saturday, September 08, 2012

In the Olden Days

I know mum and dad think that all we did when we went to Nanna's birthday party was run wild, eat junk food and drink fizzy drink but it wasn't just about the party stuff, we got to learn heaps about life in the olden days.

The party was at Byramine Homestead near Yarrawonga.  It was built a really long time ago, it was one of the first house in the area.  Mrs Hume, the person that owned the house had it built so that she could feel safe living there with her 9 children after her husband died.  The house was an unusual shape and design.  There was a room in the middle of the house that was octagonal where you could pretty much see into every other room or hallway in the house.  If she felt afraid, there were plenty of hiding places, every room had some removable floor boards so that they could climb down into a cellar space to stay safe.  It was pretty amazing.  I loved being able to walk down into the cellar and then climb out through the floor boards on the verandah!

The kitchen was in the building where the servants lived!
Do you know what else I noticed?  The kitchen was outside the house, in it's own little house.

They had people live with them who did all the cooking.  I think mum would love to have someone live with us to do all of the cooking!

There was a sewing machine there so instead of the cooking mum would be able to make heaps of stuff instead.  She would make all of our clothes, our blankets, our toys.  Pretty much anything we needed she would have to make

The bedrooms were pretty big, but the beds seemed to be small.  I think that in a year or so I would be too big for the beds and my feet would be hanging over the end of them.

I also noticed that there wasn't really a bathroom there either, that would mean no showers for me.  I would have to wash a little bit, using a pitcher of water and a basin but that really wouldn't count.

There was also heaps of places to play outside and trees to climb.  This is one of the oldest non-native trees in all of Victoria!

I love going on adventures and imagining that I lived in different places but as fun as it is to try for a little while, I am glad that when I get home we have electricity, hot water and a fridge full of food!
Love AJ Pickle

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