Thursday, April 19, 2012

Parents Can Be Tricky Folks

Now I don't know about anyone else's parents but I just need to let you know that my parents are pretty darn tricky.  I know Milla thinks that mum and dad are pretty tricky, she tells people about when we were tricked into going shopping when we were in Niagara.

The latest thing I have worked out that they trick us in to doing is eating all of our dinner.  Now realistically we do eat lots of healthy food but every now and then we like to complain that we don't like our food or that we just aren't hungry.  We are never told to sit down and eat all our dinner, we are barely ever bribed with the possibility of dessert but somehow we eat pretty much everything, including the healthy stuff that kids aren't supposed to like.

When I think about it, I can work out just how we have been tricked into being good eaters...  The first mistake I made was when I was just a little kid in prep and my teacher told me that our taste buds regenerate in about a week.  Now in parent-speak, that just means that food that we really didn't like last week was when we had last weeks taste buds, with new taste buds this week perhaps we will like it so we have to try the food we don't like - again.  Now it isn't like we can just nibble at the edge of the food and say 'See, I still don't like it'.  In our house trying food is 6 real spoonfuls and that is almost a full serving.  I guess I have worked out that it is just easier to eat most of the food and only complain when I really don't like something, like ripe pears.  It seems to be a fairly decent compromise, I still get curry and stuff that I like most of the time and there are still plenty of chances to eat out when no-one wants to cook.

Now it seems that there is a new trick in play.  Take last weekend for example, no-one wanted to cook dinner so out we went.  There are heaps of great places around here to go and this time we went to a restaurant we hadn't visited before and ordered way too much food.  Next thing I know, mum is asking me if I wanted to see if I could eat the longest noodle in the bowl?  Now I am never going to say no to a challenge that sounds like fun so this is what happened...

Of course Milla didn't want to miss out on the action so she was fed some noodles too!

Before you know it, we had pretty much eaten the entire bowl of noodles!

How is that  for tricky parenting - getting us to eat the rest of our noodles without complaining and having fun at the same time?  The noodles were pretty awesome too :-)
Love AJ Pickle

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  1. Clever Mum! I can't wait until Eva is old enough to trick with things like that.


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